This past year of 2016 was an adventure. I did many things for the first time stretching past my comfort zone and in the process learning a lot about myself and the people that believe in me. I put on my first solo show at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center for Valentines day and then a few months later flew to China where I performed for 6 months! I have met many a stranger who have confessed their appreciation and support but I have also continued to thrive from those who have been with me since the beginning.The year 2016 also included my retrograde back to where I started singing on stage in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I returned to my home, Minneapolis to see two dear friends, one of whom gave me my first performance microphone, tie the knot. It was as if the past and the future were finally coming together in harmony. I began this journey with small goals in mind but as I have grown as a musician and as a Persona the path ahead seems limitless.
Thank you for joining me on this path, see you soon