Some Thank You's

So here it is folks! Before I left Charlotte to start the next step in my musical journey I had to move out of my apartment and put my things in storage. We all know this is a time consuming activity prone to wine drinking and of course procrastinating. Well, let me get to the point, […]

Where have you been?!

Hello family! Or should I say “Ni Hao?”  🙂 This means Hello in Mandarin. Since I’ve arrived in Shenzhen my Chinese has slowly started coming back to me and I am so happy for it! It’s so funny because I will literally be trying to talk to someone and I will hear them say a […]

Working out at Chuan Spa, Langham

What an amazing experience! The gym space had everything I needed. I ran my mile and a half, did some leg work and core 🙂 Everything was super clean and there were towels and bottled water everywhere. After I finished I went to the locker room where I took an “Herbal Steam” which was located […]

Week 1, House Musician

So, today completes my first week playing each night as the house musician! whew! Only one year ago I would not have believed you if you had told me I would be doing this but this is what life is about, right? We have to take chances and push ourselves to always be better than […]

Labor Day, China

Well, obviously the Chinese do not celebrate the American Labor Day! So life went on as usually for the folks here. Just to make sure you know, China is a full 12 hours ahead of the USA so today, while I am writing this blog it is actually Tuesday! Which is why I was making […]