This past year of 2018 was full of mental and musical growth. I stepped back from the busy life that I had created and asked myself, “what can I change to keep growing into my best me.” In this way I stretched past my comfort zone and in the process learned a lot about myself and the people that believe in me. I put on my first out of town solo show in my hometown, Minneapolis, MN and then returned to North Carolina and performed in Durham, NC and Columbia, SC within 3 months! I have met many a stranger and new fan who have confessed their appreciation and support but I have also continued to thrive with those who have been with me since the beginning. The year 2018 brought many surprises and some trials all of which have prepared my team and I for an even more exciting 2019. I have begun this January thinking even bigger and broader than ever and cannot wait to share my real Persona with everyone!
Thank you for joining me on this path, see you soon