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New Song Release!

Today I am releasing my song "Get it Right!" It is a fun dance song that I collaborated on with Dutch producer, Maarten Rischen, while I was in China! I am excited to share it and hope you will help me get the word out! Also, I want to give a shout out to Marko, [...]

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your 2017 has gotten off to a wonderful start, I know mine has! If not, you still have time to move things in a direction you prefer more :) Awesome things coming, I am working on a video and also new music! Stayed tuned for information about events upon [...]

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Karaoke NIGHT!!

Sorry, its been a while! Something very popular in China, and I believe in other Asian countries as well is Karaoke! Most commonly known here as KTV. When I tell you its a whole ordeal I am serious! There are huge buildings filled with personal rooms that you can rent out for a few hours [...]

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Xi Chong Beach

So, day before yesterday I finally went to one of the numerous beautiful beaches on south China's coast line! Story is, I was at Windows of the World, standing at the entrance of a tiny shoe repair shop when I got a phone call from a local Dutch Producer friend of mine. He's like, "hey, [...]

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Shenzhen Bay Park

Last week I decided to go for a run so I took the elevator down to floor one and as I was walking out the front door I saw my favorite concierge guy! So I stopped and told him my plan to just run down Shannon Blvd on the greenway but he insisted that I [...]

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