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hope your staying caught up! There is a lot going on here! Sooooo….yesterday I met 3 super cool people! Professional Chinese singers! I was exploring the Shenzhen Musical Heaven which is located on the top floor of a shopping mall where they have TONS of pianos, violins and traditional Chinese instruments! BEAUTIFUL. Walking through the halls I heard the voice of an angel, Xia Yun Kun, his English name is Nick (I gave it to him, lol). In October he will fly out to sing on a cruise ship stopping at 5 different locations along the Yangzhou River. Then, I met his accompanist whose son is also a dynamic tenor! He called for his son, Wang Wei Kang, who soon appeared and I gave him the English name, JR.. We sang together in their studio and decided that we would get together again and polish two duets, “Prayer” as sung by Bocelli and Heather Hedley and also “Vivo Pei Lei.” We soon decided that we were meant to be musical friends and went for dinner. We had a wonderful Sichuan dinner, ate till our bellies were full and toasted to new friends and collaborations!

File Aug 29, 9 33 57 PM
Persona Bell and Xia Yun Kun
Sichuan Dinner Remains LOL
Sichuan Dinner Remains LOL
File Aug 29, 9 28 59 PM
Persona Bell and store Owner
File Aug 29, 9 32 13 PM
Xia Yun Kun Cruise Ship gig coming up!
File Aug 29, 9 37 40 PM
Persona bell, Soprano and Wang Wei Kang, Tenor
File Aug 29, 9 35 59 PM
Persona Bell, Soprano and Instructor

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