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Something very popular in China, and I believe in other Asian countries as well is Karaoke! Most commonly known here as KTV. When I tell you its a whole ordeal I am serious! There are huge buildings filled with personal rooms that you can rent out for a few hours of singing, eating, drinking and just overall fun!. One night a few weeks ago, a friend of mine and entrepreneur, Etonam, brought his friend names Nissi to my performance at Dukes and we decided to hang out after I was done. So around 11:15pm, after my performance I preposed we go to a cute little bar down the street from my hotel called 500 Miles Express. So we went there and bought two bottles of wine and some snacks. We stayed there for a while and enjoyed the weather and cool atmosphere. Also, our server was from Singapore so his english was amazing and he was super nice and accommodating.

After that Etonam really wanted to find a KTV place so we went searching and lo and behold there was one still open! We got more wine and a large tastey plate of fruit and started lining up songs to sing. We sang everything from Beyonce to Adele to Chinese songs (that Etonam likes to sing). We had a blast! So next time when you’re in Asia make sure to make a night of KTV!

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Me performing before we went out to KTV
Wine and snacks!
Don’t know what we were singing, but it was awesome!
Cute bar down the street from the Langham. 500 Miles Express

img_4035 img_4039 img_4052 img_4054 img_4055 img_4056 img_4039


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