Hey yal, so today marks the second Holiday that the Chinese have observed since Ive been here….its only been a month! Maybe if we had more “Holidays”  in the States we would be a happier people. IDK. IJST.  Check out this list of holidays: http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/china/

Its incredible really.

So things are going great for me at the hotel. Everyone is so wonderful. I discovered an “international” market close to the hotel where they have a bunch of chinese food. lol. No, they do have some things that I was craving…..I did buy a jar of peanut butter and jelly! Why you ask? Well, I was craving it one night so I ordered room service….but the sandwich was on the childrens menu and was a sad excuse for a PBJ. I was really unhappy.

I never thought I would say that Jiffy and Smuckers are the real deal.....but here goes nothin'
I never thought I would say that Jiffy and Smuckers are the real deal…..but here goes nothin’


So I got my condiments and was on my way. Today I think I will explore the huge shopping center called Lohou. It has like 6 floors I kid you not and they are all bargainable shops! If I go I will need to get some sun glasses and a new dress to wear this week….goal, spend $20 pretty sure this is doable. I may even check out one of the movie theaters close by if I can find a movie partner…I will let you all know how I fare! 🙂 LATER! muah!



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