Last week I decided to go for a run so I took the elevator down to floor one and as I was walking out the front door I saw my favorite concierge guy! So I stopped and told him my plan to just run down Shannon Blvd on the greenway but he insisted that I take the train to Shenzhen Bay Park. He told me that the new lines had opened and there was a train that would take me straight there! Soon….with some convincing he sent me to the Bay.

I walked to Chegongmiao, the closest train station to the hotel and proceeded into the newly opened portion of the station underground. HOLY MOLY! It was huge! I thought I was never going to get to the right train and ended up having a random Chinese who happened to speak english direct me to the right train lol. Once I got on the right train it was a straight shot, when I arrived it was like a “whole new world!” Absolutely gorgeous! This was also on a Sunday so it was packed with people relaxing and hanging out with their family and friends.

I did a 4 mile run and boy was it hard! But when I finished, as always I was soon happy and feeling good:) Those endorphins were working that magic I’ll tell ya! Sorry for the long wait this time yal, things been real busy, in a great way! Check out the photos below and talk to you soon!!


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