So here it is folks!

Before I left Charlotte to start the next step in my musical journey I had to move out of my apartment and put my things in storage. We all know this is a time consuming activity prone to wine drinking and of course procrastinating. Well, let me get to the point, one of my many friends who helped me, fellow musician and teacher, Christine Matte, came over one blazing hot day and a tragedy happened! I was walking down the stairs with a large box in hand and I missed the last stepped and twisted my ankle! I thought I was going to die. Christine did not see it happen but when she found me, just from the look on my face she knew I was in trouble! She suggested that I put ice on it but I was hard headed and kept loading things. Soon, my ankle was a huge ball and by this time I was really convinced that I was going to die! I also knew that I would not get to go to China because of my imminent death! After getting advice from family and friends I decided to heed the wisdom of my mother, lol. Chiropractor. So the next morning I went to my favorite Chiropractor’s office, Keith Clinic. I limped in with a pitiful face and everyone felt sad for me, as they well should have lol. Before I tell you the results I want to make a shameless plug and say that Keith Clinic on Triangle Drive is the best! Everyone there is so friendly, high energy, knowledgeable and just a pleasure to visit every time 🙂 My two favorite people, however, are Tyler McGill (Chiropractor Assistant) and Dr. Kyle Dunning because after a visit with them my spirits are so high and positive!

Back to the story. Dr Kyle Dunning came in the room with a gentle smile and immediately told me I was not going to die! YAY! He massaged my ankle and determined that I had sprained it pretty bad and gave me tips on how to take care of it in recovery. Whew! His calm and assuring words allowed me to start breathing normally at last! He moved things around a little bit with gentle care and then put heat on it and had me lay on the roll bed thing-a-ma-bob. After 20 minutes he visited me again and then I was on my way feeling much better 🙂

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Now, here in China I ran into some issues trying to put heat on my ankle but eventually I was advised by my now, “chong wen da ge,” which means, chinese big brother, on what to buy. He marched into a pharmacy and brought me this! I am proud to announce that I have been using this herbal patches that create a warm-like buzz and had been helping me to heal! I have been drawing my ABC’s, wearing my brace and I even started exercising again 🙂 My ankle is almost back to its normal size, and I am feeling so much better. Life is great again, thank you Dr. Dunning, Ass. Tyler and Da Ge! <3

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