Hello everyone! Sorry to keep you waiting but things have really taken off here! The past few days I have been working on my repertoire and the resident musician who I am replacing, Akia, has been so kind to show me how everything works ๐Ÿ™‚ Today she took me to the underground mall which is attached to the Langham Hotel. We took two flights of escalators down and walked at least a quarter of a mile passing store after store of clothes, shoes, food and more! It is basically heaven directly attached to my hotel! Le sigh. We stopped at a few stores and purchased some necessary items chatting all the way. On our way back to the hotel a Chinese man and his two sons stopped in the middle of the mall to stare at Akia and I…..mouths agape. It happens I guess.After our adventures I retired to my room, practiced and rested a bit before the evening show.

Performing tonight was a pleasure, it was a special occasion, Akia’s going away party, and everyone was there to drink wine, laugh and mingle. What an evening. I played some of my crowd favorites so far, If I Aint Got You and Listen by Beyonce and then mixed in some Jazz tunes. Fun times!

Until next time yal!


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