Hey everybody!!

Awesome news! In only 2 days I will be conquering the skies again and flying back to the home of chopsticks and hot pot, peace signs and smiley faces! Thats right, I’m going back to China. I will be in Shenzhen, China to perform at a Chinese wedding on Sunday Nov 11. My client, Mary, has been so kind and is giving me a great avenue to meet more people who will love my music! She has planned a gorgeous evening at the Hilton Hotel in Shekou and I cannot wait. So…lets take a moment and be honest with each other. I don’t have a dress yet! Today I am shopping around for a beautiful gown and exchanging 5 balls of yarn I bought yesterday, haaha. Yes, I will share what I am making, but not now lol. So…I guess, I will catch up with you guys later! Ill be posting pictures from the wedding and also from my reunions with friends in China 🙂 Have an awesome rest of the week!

Love, Persona

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