Hey yal! So two days ago I met with a local producer about possibly creating some great music together and I am really excited. Music does truly bring all kinds of people together. One of my goals while here In Shenzhen is to collaborate and produce great quality music, so here I go!

But first, as you may or may not know Wechat is THE application to use here in China and apparently in many other countries as well. Its what they call a “super app” because it has many functions. For example, the user can pay any vendor that chooses to participate with a simple scan of your personal QR code, can find other users by their names or numbers, can create their own profile with photos and post and share with everyone, can transfer money to other users from saved bank accounts and credit cards, can create group chats and MORE! Soon…if you have not downloaded it, you must and once you have done that you can find me and we can chat and even call over seas for free! Yes, phone calls and texting for FREE 🙂 Do it.

So back to the music. My goal is to have at least 5 songs finished, mastered and available online within 4 months and I know I have the time to do it. Next step is find the right crew. So I am using Wechat’s group message function to help me out. There are many existing groups like, “Shenzhen Musicians” and all I have to do is get invited and boom, I am connected with many musicians in Shenzhen here doing what they love…..so, big things coming, stick around and see what happens next!!!!



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