So, today completes my first week playing each night as the house musician! whew! Only one year ago I would not have believed you if you had told me I would be doing this but this is what life is about, right? We have to take chances and push ourselves to always be better than we were before. I feel like I have grown as a solo musician enormously in only one week and I am so excited to continue this journey! So far, I think the house favorite has been Beyonce, Love on Top. I have requests ranging from classic standards like, Strangers in the Night, soaring ballads like Hero by Mariah to,  if you can believe it, Christmas tunes! It’s so funny, I didn’t know the christmas tune they had requested so I sang Oh Holy Night, my all time favorite and they loved it. Each night at Dukes Restaurant has been different, the last few nights started out slow, later filled and folks stayed all the way till the end of the night. I like to create a light casual feel in the lounge area where guests feel free to chat with me and relax. Last night a group of six guests, who had just come from a wedding in the banquet hall on the same floor, were so excited to meet me and enjoyed all my songs, dancing and singing along! They bought me a drink and told me they would follow me and be back to party! So cool 🙂

Today is my first night off, I will be on vofile-sep-11-10-44-36-am file-sep-11-10-45-03-amcal rest! I have never sang 6 days in a row for almost 4 hours so I need to really take care of my voice. I know she will be fine, but limited talking today for sure! Lemon, tea and rest is what Persona’s Doctor calls for 🙂 Its raining this morning…and I am still laying in bed looking out at the majestic mountains from the 23rd floor of the Langham. Life is grand isn’t it?? See ya next time!


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