Hello family! Or should I say “Ni Hao?”  🙂 This means Hello in Mandarin.

Since I’ve arrived in Shenzhen my Chinese has slowly started coming back to me and I am so happy for it! It’s so funny because I will literally be trying to talk to someone and I will hear them say a word that reminds me of a complete different word and get excited about it mid sentence. lol. And then their looking at me like, what the heck? Another funny, a little girl and her mother came into Dukes, the restaurant that I play in on the 3rd floor of the Langham and sent me a note asking me to play Let it Go. So I did, of course, and then the next day the most precious thing, she and the rest of her family came but this time she was wearing a pretty sparkly blue dress that I could only imagine was a Frozen dress! So I played it for her again and she was so delighted. Just the cutest thing!


Monday through Thursday I play 7:30pm till 11:15pm and Friday and Saturday I play 8pm till 11:45. I have breaks and the patrons make it fun to sit and chat. I love it when customers just wonder in because they hear me singing from else where in the hotel and end up hanging out the whole night 🙂 Usually someone will offer me a glass of wine and the my lovely Dukes family (the servers) all know I prefer Pinot Noir 🙂 But…the other day after going for a challenging run in the hot sun I decided I need my own stash so I went to the local International market and look what I found! CAPTAIN!! CAPTAIN!!So I bought two bottles of wine and two cute wine coolers, lol. I then took my bootie home, soaked in the tub, drank my new wine and binge watched Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes. Later!

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