So, day before yesterday I finally went to one of the numerous beautiful beaches on south China’s coast line! Story is, I was at Windows of the World, standing at the entrance of a tiny shoe repair shop when I got a phone call from a local Dutch Producer friend of mine. He’s like, “hey, wanna go to the beach,” and I’m like, “YEA!” Boom.

30 minutes later Im getting off the line 1 of the subway at the Shopping Center Station also known as Coco Park to meet the crew. Before taking the stairs up to ground level I decide to explore the underground shopping maze. I started a mad hunt for a cai bao zi (veggie stuffed bun, deliciousness) and an ice cream bar for my friend but while searching for this snacks I got epically lost! Shop upon shop upon restaurant upon restaurant and before I knew it I didn’t know how to get to ground level. Walking at a quickened pace I found an ice cream stand but decided not to get it there, then I found a bao zi stand and decided to get one, which to my dismay had meat in it 🙁 It seemed like I was getting deeper and deeper into the underground with no light at the end of the tunnel so I turned around. I tried a flight of stairs that led to nothing and then started to panic. Holy crap. I passed the ice cream lady and doubled back to get two bars, then proceeded to hit up my friend, “I’m Lost!” Then, to my relief I saw the main Coco park station where I had originally exited the train. Boom. Exit time. So, finally all 6 of the troops are all together, we call an Uber and are on our way.

Only an hour later we arrived and beach time began. I bought a cheap polk-a-dot swimming suit, along with a towel that felt more like a “no scratch” car wash towel, lol. We had drinks and “American food” which included, chili, chicken burritos, friend potatoes and “stuffed” crust pizza. We swam in the Pacific Ocean for a bit, made up songs together, taking turns playing the guitar, danced to Dance Hall music and most importantly had an amazing Sunday-Funday! Thanks for the memories guys! Enjoy the photos!

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