Well! This is a big year, I returned from China in March with two singles to release and my second solo concert scheduled for July 29th at Duke Energy Theater! I am so blessed to have all these opportunities and so many people who support me. All I can do is continue to give back and share my love and appreciation for music! Sooo…don’t wait till the last minute to get your tickets, last year we sold out! We have a very special show planned and you don’t want to miss it 🙂 The theme this year for the show is The Power of Unity through Adversity. My band will be joining me for the first set and we are going to rock out to the power of unifying love!

The second song that I am releasing this year if called No less.  I wrote this song years ago when I had run into an x-boyfriend and thought maybe we could work it out until I realized that he was never going to fully open himself to me. I had an epiphany one day while talking to him at my Grandmothers house. I asked him about our future and he could never give me a straight answer. Thats when I realized that I was chasing a love that had no future. So I wrote No Less! In many of our lives we meet people who we connect with and love but often that does not mean we belong in a relationship together….I will release the song July 29th, but until then you can come to this website and listen to the teaser! muah!

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