Persona Bell’s Birthday

Every year we celebrate on the day that we each were born. Why? Like many people, my family uses birthdays and holidays as an excuse to get together and love on each other! You should show how much you care for each other every chance you get but birthdays are extra special because that is […]

Checkers National Anthem

This past Saturday, April 21, I was forwarded the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the Charlotte Checkers Hockey game. What an exhilarating experience at the Bojangles Coliseum! I love singing in front of large crowds because I can feel their energy as they respond to my voice resonating through the air. When singing […]


Hello my personas! It is with a heavy heart that I post today and think about all the beautiful people that impact us in our every day lives. I want to continue to share my love and joy for life through my music and I hope you all will join me on my adventure. There […]

Dreamy Cinderella Wedding

After over 20 hours of travel, on plane in airport and in car I finally arrived at the Hilton Hotel in Shekou, Shenzhen China. I was so excited! The next morning I woke and ordered room service before heading to the 1st floor of the hotel. I found my way to the event room, eventually, […]

Upcoming trip…


Hey everybody!! Awesome news! In only 2 days I will be conquering the skies again and flying back to the home of chopsticks and hot pot, peace signs and smiley faces! Thats right, I’m going back to China. I will be in Shenzhen, China to perform at a Chinese wedding on Sunday Nov 11. My […]